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MegaMan 64 (MegaMan Legends)

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Here is what I know about MegaMan 64 (MegaMan Legends):

MegaMan Voulnutt, Roll Casket, her grandfather Barrel Casket, and their robotic pet monkey Data live their lives in their large airship, the Flutter.  MegaMan, being a Digger, is out on a mission to find the Mother Lode, a giant crystal, called a Refractor, the most powerful energy source known on the planet.  If the Mother Lode could be found, the world need never fear of running out of energy.  He's also on the look out for Roll's parents, who disappeared when she was younger.  Refractors provide energy for the Flutter and the money that MegaMan, Roll, and the rest need to survive.  Most Refractors are found deep underground in special gates and ruins that Diggers explore.
But one day, the Flutter runs out of power, and as a result, it crashes on a nearby island, called Kattalox Island.  MegaMan only wanted to find a way to fix the Flutter, but before he knows it, he is swept up in a wave of problems and quests to help the citizens of Kattalox and keep a band of air pirates, the Bonne family, who are also searching for the Mother Lode, at bay.
Can MegaMan fix the Flutter, stop the Bonnes, solve the mystery of the Mother Lode, and earn his place in society?  Find out by playing this fun game!

I think this is an excellent game!  Easy to understand and pretty good animationI give this game 4 out of 5 stars!

Now, you might be wondering why I have MegaMan Legends in parenthesis after the game name MegaMan 64.  I'll tell you why: Bacause there is a sequel to this game called MegaMan Legends 2 (notice the 2), which is for a different game system, Playstation 2, I believe.  So technically, this game's name is MegaMan Legends, the first game of the Legends series.  So I just put the (MegaMan Legends) after the MegaMan 64 to make things less confusing (or more confusing, i guess.  Depends on the individual).  So now you know.

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