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Here's what to do if you want to link to me:

Want to link to me?  Tell me!  Here's how:

  1. Go to the Guestbook page.
  2. Look at the bottom of that page for the Sign My Guestbook button and click it.
  3. Fill out the questions and in the Website Name and Website URL box, type the name of the website and the web address of that site you want me to include a link of.
  4. Check my website once in a while and chances are, you'll see it somewhere on my MegaMan Links page!

Want to add a link that goes to MMV from another site?  Fine with me!  Feel free to submit a link that goes to MegaMan Vortex to any site.  It'll attrract more visitors to my site, and I sure don't mind that!  Just don't take credit for creating the site, or you can be sure that I WON'T be pleased.

Check out the MegaMan Links page to see a list of other MegaMan-related websites!

I know; a bit messy. But interesting logo, huh?

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