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Here are some links to other websites:

On this page you will find links that will take you to other websites that are related to some of my favorite things, topics, and other things, such as MegaMan, D.N.Angel, etc.  Just look for the heading of the thing you want to browse the links for, and look through the list.  I have them organized in alphabetical order, so they'll be easy to find.  In the left column, I have the website's name and link, and in the right column I have a website description, to give you a basic idea of what the site is about and what's on it.  Have fun!

Other Vortex Sites by MegaFreak02

DNAngel Vortex
This is my 2nd site in my "Vortex series" of sites.  As you may have noticed, it's not a link yet as the site has not yet been published, but I've put it down here to tell you all that it's coming!  It's almost ready to be published, I believe, so once it is, I'll be sure to let you know so you can check it out, okay?


There are currently 25 MegaMan links.

Abnormal Gravity

This is kinda a funny place.  Not a lot of info in here, but hey, it's a MegaMan site, so why not include it?  It even has intro music!

Atomic Fire

This is a nice little MegaMan (more like HeatMan) site.  It's got art, game info, news, and other stuff, too.  Nice and simple layout.


This is Capcom's MegaMan page.  There's not really that much mroe to say, that pretty gets the point across.

Capcom (Japaneese)

Okay, the impression I get from this site is that it's Capcom's Japaneese version of the above link, only in a sort of EXE based version.  It's weird.  There's like, not a single English word on this site, so you may have difficulty navigating around it.

Ciel Network

This is a cute site that has a newboard, official art, fan art, and icons designed by the creator of the site as well as fans.

A personal site that has nothing but artwork.  Be it fanart, images, or anything else, it's here, so come here if you want to just browse through some pics.

Legends Station

As the name implies, this website has information on the MegaMan Legends series.

Maverick Lair

This website has information on the MegaMan games from the Classic series to X and Zero.

MegaMan Empire

This site is also nice looking.  It has art, chat (for the sake of your computer, I don't resommend using chats), links, and more.

MegaMan Fan Works

This is an awesome MegaMan fan site!  It has comics, fan art, fan fiction, and all kinds of stuff!  I really like this site.  By the way, when you go to visit, look at the news/updates board on the home page and hold your cursor over the MegaMan character heads by each entry.  You'll see a cute little comment put in by the creator!  It's so cute!!

MegaMan Home Page

An excellent website that has very useful info on the games, great tips and tricks to help you win, artwork by the creator of the site, and even a MegaMan mini-book series written by the creator herself!

MegaMan Network

This is a site that has info on MegaMan himself (similar to my own About MegaMan page), info about the website creator, MIDI files, and links to other MegaMan related websites.  That's about it.  The look of the site, though, deserves some credit.  It's a pretty cool lookin' site.

MegaMan New Horizon

Links, news, art, game info, series info... I could go on.  This is an interesting place to visit if you want straight forward information for what your looking for.

MegaMan NT Warrior

This is a cool website to visit if you're interested mainly in the awesome television series.  With a flashy intro and cool music, it has information regarding the TV series.

MegaMan PC

This site has game info, links, artwork, dowloads, chat rooms (I don't recommend using chat rooms or dowloads, as they can harbor viruses and other dangerous stuff, and will mess up your computer) and more!

Maq's Hunter Hideout

This is a pretty good site.  It's got links, artwork, news/updates board, and other stuff, as well.

Planet MegaMan

Now here's a great site with info on the games, news, official and fan artwork galleries, and more!

Risen From Falling

This website is devoted entirely to Bass.  This site is stuffed full of pictures and images of Bass for you to oogle at to your heart's content!

Rockman.EXE Vortex

This is a nice website dedicated to Rockman.EXE and Co.  It has an episode list of the NT Warrior TV series and even cast biographies!  When I saw the name, I was scared for a minute; Someone took my domain name!!!  But then I saw that it was Rockman, not MegaMan, so everything is okay (whew!).  Check it out if you prefer the Cyber crew!

RockMan Perfect Memories

This is a nice looking site with info on the different MegaMan series, media stuff, and lots of other stuff.  I just like the overall look of the place.

Sinister Six

This website is based off of the 6 Robot Masters from the first MegaMan game (GutsMan, FireMan, IceMan, ElecMan, CutMan, and BombMan).  These robots star in their own gallery of epilogues and comics.

Sprites Inc.

The ultimate website that is full to the brim with nothing but sprites, from all of the MegaMan games.  Name a game, they have the sprites!

The Neverwhere

Okay, this site is maintained by a very... umm... "interesting" person.  It is updated unpredictably.  You never know what you'll find here.  It's got news, art, and... other things.  The Guestbook there is... rather... strange.  Like everything else there.  Check it out if want a trip into unexpected freakishness.

The Undersquare

This is a cool-lookin' site with info on the games, media, and other MegaMan stuff, too.  It's got links, too.

Zero Virus

This cool website has information on mainly the MegaMan games (mostly the X and Zero series).


There are currently 1 D.N.Angel links.

This place is excellent if you want to browse through page after page of art.  They're pretty much all images, mostly official, I believe.  It also has other information on the D.N.Angel mangas and the such.  It's quite a cute site.  Be sure to check it out!

Other Websites

There are currently 2 Other Website links.
This site isn't actually devoted completely to any of my categories above, but it's excellent if you like pictures!  This site specializes specifically in anime and manga, so there are sections there for some of my favorite things.  There's cosplay, fanart, fan manga, wallpapers, e-cards, and more!
This is actually a page all about Danny (who signed my Guestbook, by the way).  Though he isn't exactly what you'd call MegaMan himself, he knows a considerable amount about the MegaMan series from many different systems.  He is currently offering help to many different MegaMan websites, so if you need help or advice about MegaMan, you can go to his page right here and ask for assistance, plus learn about him!


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