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MMV Polls

Here is information about MMV's Polls:

Poll Rules:
1. Do not use explicit, offensive, or any other inappropriate language in the Polls.
2. Do notinclude files, active links, or any other kind of attachment.  You can type the URL or a website, but The link should not be active.  If you include files or active links, it can be an unintentional source of viruses.
3. Don't spam.  For example, don't type a letter or symbol over, and over, and over in the Polls just for the heck of it or just because you think it's funny.  Because it's not.  It just uses up space and it's irritating for other people.  Also keep in mind that I do have the power to delete any Polls entries that I wish, so don't even try spamming.  If you do, I'll just delete your entry and all that effort will have been for nothing, so don't bother.
4. Don't use the Polls to try to get to know me, because I won't respond.  If I get the slightest notion that you're some kind of freaky, creepy, and sneaky predetor out to stalk people, I will automatically steer clear of you.  As I've stated before, I am VERY paranoid about things like this, so don't even try to charm me.  It won't work.
5. Be honest and have fun!  These Polls are here for you!  They're here so you can tell fellow MegaMan fans how much of an MM Addict you are!


So anyway, welcome to the MMV Polls page!  This is where you can vote in MegaMan Vortex's polls, all of them, of course, have something to do with MegaMan (what doesn't on this site?).


Click one of the links below to either vote in MMV's current poll or see other votes!

Current Poll: How Much MegaMan Is In Your Home?

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