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I have a habit of doodleing things straight out of my imagination when the mood suddenly strikes.  Sometimes I draw pictures for a purpose, but it's always for my own reasons.  For example, I've never drawn a picture simply for an art contest.  It's always been just for me.
Go ahead at check some of them out.  I will only include MegaMan-based artwork here, though, since Pikachu and the like have nothing to do with him.  Thanks!

Click one of the links below to view images and artwork that I have drawn:


My Artwork

Fan Art

Want to submit your own MegaMan artwork?  Click the link below to submit a picture of your own:

Sorry, but I still have to figure out how to do this.  I dunno how to get something that will let other people somehow submit their own drawings.  Do you know how?  If so, please tell me!  You can use the Sign My Guestbook button on the Guestbook page to tell me about it.  Just use the comment box to explain it.  Thanks a bunch!

NOTE: Only submit artwork that is MEGAMAN based, nothing else.  No offense, but I don't want my artwork section to include artwork that doesn't even have anything to do with MegaMan at all (This is a MegaMan site, you know...).  For example, I don't want a picture with nothing but a cabootle of Pikachu on it.  If you have a craving for drawing Pikachu and you want it here, draw a picture of MegaMan holding a Pikachu.  As long as MegaMan is there, I'll probably post it.  I am VERY picky about puting artwork on my website that depicts really weird or inapropriate stuff.  For example, if you have the nerve to send me anythig the I think falls into the nudity category, I'll print it out and tear it into shreds with my bare hands.  I WON'T post it.  I WON'T!!!  So I suggest that you don't bother yourself with trying to convince me to post it, because it won't work.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you want a more detailed list of what you can and can't submit, see the FAQs

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If you wish to copy any content or pictuers on this website for use on you own site, please ask my permission before doing so.  Thank you!