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 Here are some FAQs:

Question: Am I allowed to copy any content from this site and use it on my own webstite?
Answer: No.  You can't copy any content from this site and use it on your own site.  That would be taking credit for stuff that I know and have typed in my own words.  You can, however, change the wording as much as you can to your own words and then use it.  Or you can put quotation marks (" ") around words that are my exact wording.  Just be sure you include some kind of note by it or something that says that those are MY words and not yours.  In other words, give me credit for it.

Question: I have a question about something on MegaMan Vortex, and I've looked at the Guestbook, but there's nowhere for me to put in my e-mail address so you can write me back.  What do I do?
Answer: Well, that's just it.  You can't.  At least not right now.  I will NEVER ask you to give out your e-mail, because that can lead to online predetors that go stalking around hunting people down, and I HATE that.  So at least for the moment, I can't answer any questions.  Perhaps sometime in the future I can, but not yet.  Sorry.

Question: Can I include a link that goes to MegaMan Vortex on my site?
Answer: Sure!  I'd actually like that.  If you include a link to my site on your site, then it will attract more viewers to my site.  And it adds another link to your list!  It would be a win-win!  There's just one thing: If you're one of those people who like to use banner buttons for links instead of just text, then you're out of luck, because I don't have any for MMV right now.

Question: Can I submit a link that goes to MMV to other sites (for example, useing a Link to Me option)?
Answer: No.  I don't want to take any risk that there may be a misunderstanding that YOU made the site and not me.  And I certainly don't want that!  Oh, and PS: Don't take credit in any way for creating this site, or I will track you down and KILL YOU!!

Question: I want to submit a link that goes to my website to MMV and I want to use a banner to show it, but there's nowhere to put it in in the Guestbook.  How can I submit the link with a banner button?
Answer: You can't, sorry.  I apologize for this, but I don't accept banner buttons.  One, because they are sometime way too big, and two, I don't even know how to accept them even if I wanted to.  Once I figure out how, I might consider accepting them, but until then, I'm afraid you'll either have to wait, or submit the link without the banner button.

Question: I want to submit a MegaMan drawing to the Fan Art gallery.  How do I submit it?
Answer: Unfortunately, for now, there really isn't a way to submit it (Waaaaahhh!!!).  I really wish there was.  The problem is, I don't know how to allow people to scan in or submit artwork to the galleries.  I'm desperately trying to figure it out, but so far I haven't had any luck.  But I'm still trying, don't worry!

Question: You were not very clear on your descripiton on what NOT to submit in the art galleries.  Can you elaborate?
Answer: Of course, but this may take up a lot of room.  Here goes...
  • You can not submit any pictures that might even slightly or possibly go under the category of nudity.  If I think it does, then it goes out the window.
  • You can not submit any artwork that has NOTHING to do with MegaMan.  As I stated before on the MegaMan Artwork page, don't bother sending me a picture of a Pikachu, because it won't get posted.  I mean, what does Pikachu have to do with MegaMan, anyway?  If you want some kind of Pikachu-like picture, send me a picture of MegaMan holding a Pikachu.
  • You can not send me any pictures that depict gore or too much violence.  I mean, you can show a scratch here or there if you have to, but don't include too much blood, please.  Also, spare us all the nightmares and don't show any lost limbs or inerds or anything gross like that.  Thanks.

Question: Okay, I get all that now, but what CAN I submit?
Answer: Okay, I guess I'll have to come up with another list here.  But what's imprtant is that your question gets answered, right?  Here we go again...
  • You can send me copies of official artwork that you've drawn by hand.  But don't send me the actual official art picture that you found, because that's like taking credit for drawing it yourself.  I won't accept that.
  • You can send me comics of your own creation, as long as they aren't too violent, that they don't have bad language in them, or anything else that I mentioned in the above list of NOTs.
  • You can send me romantic pictures.  They won't harm anyone, so they're fine (and who doesn't like a little bit of romance, anyway?).  Even if you depict two MegaMan characters that have never had anything to do with each other kissing is fine, as long as it has SOMETHING to do with MegaMan.
  • You can do "crossovers."  What I mean by "crossovers" is if you took two or more characters from completely different worlds and put them in one place together.  For example, (This goes along with the above mentioned Pikachu thing) you could show MegaMan and, say, Sailor Moon together.  I might barf for a bit if you show them kissing or something, but I'd have nothing REALLY bad against it, so it would probably get posted.

Question: What is the difference between being linked to someone and being affiliated with someone?
Answer: Being linked to someone is haveing a link on their website that goes directly to the site that is linked to you.  Being affiliated with someone is completely different.  If a website is an affiliate of yours, it means that the two of you have reached a sort of agreement that you have both acknowledged the other as a worthy partner, so that the two of you become "friends," for want of a better word.  That's MY unserstanding, anyway.  If you've got a better understanding than I do about this, please don't hesitate to enlighten me.  Just don't be mean about it *wink*.

Question: I want to affiliate with MMV, but I'm not quite sure how.   How can I affiliate with MegaMan Vortex?
Answer: Well, that's not really an option right now either, and again, I apologize.  You're free to at least link to me or something until I figure out how to do this whole affiliate thing.

Question: I asked a question using the Guestbook, intending that it be included in the FAQs, but it's not here.  Why not?
Answer: I probably didn't include it here because it was just a question of your own curiosity, or (please excuse me) I didn't think it was good enough.  If it was to satisfy your own curiosity, I won't put it here, because not everyone will be interested in hearing that.  Sometime in the future, I'll make a place where I will put all questions so I can answer them, but at the moment, there is nowhere for them to go.

Question: Where is the best place to find MegaMan merchandise and products?
Answer: That's hard to say.  I personally browse mostly on eBay.  I mean, hey, whatever it is, you'll find it on eBay, right?  Another place to look might be on Kraigs List, another internet site that sells a huge variety of stuff.  ToysRUs I no longer recommend, becuase they stopped carrying MegaMan products a while ago (I'll kill them!!).  Other than that, I have no idea.  Good luck finding other places, though.  If you do find another good source, TELL ME!!!  I'm always on the lookout for more MM stuff!  The Guestbook would be a good place to mention it.

Question: I'm interested in some of your other interests that you mentioned on the About Me page, such as DNAngel, Pokémon, etc.  Do you have any URLs you could post so that I could check some other sites?
Answer: Well, I do have URLs on those things, but I have no way of giving them to you right now.  At the moment, I am considering including URLs on DNAngel, Pokémon, etc. on the MegaMan Links page as non-MegaMan-related sites, but this idea is still pending.

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If you wish to copy any content or pictures on this website for use on your own site, please ask my permission before doing so.  Thank you!