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Here are some tips and "cheats" for the MegaMan games that might add a little more interest (and ease) into your game play: 

This page is full of special tricks and "cheats" that you can do with some of the MegaMan games.  The list of "cheats" is organized by game, so if you want to know if a MegaMan game that you have has any of these special tricks, just scroll through this page and look for the name of the game you're looking for!
NOTE: All cheats and tricks listed on this page have been tested and proven to work by me, so as long as you do them correctly, they should work.

MegaMan 2:

  • One-Hit KOs: MegaMan 2 has three (3) Robot Masters that are extra weak against one or two specific weapons, which you can use to your advantage:

Metal Man: This one's is by far the one that takes the cake; Metal Man is weak against his own weapon!  One single Metal Blade is enough to take him down.

Wood Man: There are two tricks you can do with Wood Man.  The first is to use a fully charged Atomic Fire and to hit him with it when he's defenseless.  This will finish him off.  Another way is to detonate a Crash Bomb on Wood Man's Leaf Shield rather than on Wodd Man himself.  If you do this correctly, Wood Man will get hit with multiple explosions from the Crash Bomb, and Wood Man's down!

Crash Man: Okay, technically, you have to hit him three times with the Air Shooter, but since the Air Shooter fires three (3) tornadoes at once, we'll just call it a one-hite KO, shall we?  All you have to do is to try to hit Crash Man with all three tornadoes (Try doing this when he has jumped).  If you do this right, he'll go poof before you know it.

  • Birdy Stage Select: Okay, this one is actually pretty useless, but it's SO CUTE!  What you do is, when you select a Robot Master's stage, hold down A as you select it and push START and the stars in the background will be replaced by little birds!

  • Infinite Less-Than-One-Unit Ammo: You can get infinite ammo with any weapon that doesn't use a whole unit of energy when fired, e.g, the Metal Blade.  What you do is, shoot a couple of times, press START (to open up your sub-screen thingy), press START again (to close the sub-screen thingy), and the game will "forget" to keep track of the shots you fired.  So if you keep up the pattern, you won't ever run out of energy!

MegaMan 3:

  • Super Jump: Hold down RIGHT on controller two's control pad and MegaMan's jumps reach almost to the top of the screen!

  • Time Freeze: Hold UP and A on controller two to stop all still robots in their tracks--that includes you!  You will still be able to move, though, if you jump first.  Robots already in motion will continue to move, but you'll still be able to use your Mega Buster.  This trick will be able to freeze most Robot Masters in their tracks, which is why this "cheat" is so useful.  Why the Robot Master sits helpless on the floor, fire away to get an easy victory!

  • Jump & Stop Combo Move: Hold UP, RIGHT, and A to freeze the action and to give MegaMan the super jump!

  • Bottomless Pit Navigation: Hold RIGHT on controller two and then jump into a bottomless pit.  Keep RIGHT held down on cotroller two while you walk around the pit.  When you're done with your walk in void, press UP on controller one to get out.  But be warned:  One, if you stay down there too long, you'll die, and two, sometimes MegaMan takes damage while navigating the pit, so keep an eye on your energy gauge.

  • Zombie MegaMan: This one is... interesting.  While holding down RIGHT on controller two, jump straight into a bottomless pit.  Kip out inside the pit until you hear the "death" sound effect that you hear when you die and jump quickly back out.  You will notice that your health meter has plunged to zero.  Once you are out, and if you have done this correctly, you are free to navigate with no energy to your name.  If you get hit, don't worry.  You will be unable to die, since, technically, you already are!  You are unable to use your Mega Buster, but you are able to use all other weapons.  But be careful; if you pick up an energy tank, your meter will fill up and the "zombie" trick will no longer be active, and you'll have to go on with the danger of really dying.

  • Longer ProtoMan Whistle: If you open up the sub-screen (press START) at just the right time as ProtoMan is making an appearance, you actually get to hear the entire whistle, because the game actually cuts it off early.  I've listened to it, and it's really nice...

MegaMan 4:

I know of no "cheats" for this game.  If you know of any cheats that apply to this game, please do not hesitate to let me know.  NOTE: Please do not tell me a simple rumor.  I want your assurance that the cheat(s) are true.  I don't want a simple rumor on my site.  Thanks.

MegaMan 6:

I know of no "cheats" for this game.  If you know of any cheats that apply to this game, please do not hesitate to let me know.  NOTE: Please do not tell me a simple rumor.  I want your assurance that the cheat(s) are true.  I don't want a simple rumor on my site.  Thanks.

MegaMan 64 (MegaMan Legends):

  • Kick Old City Dogs: Have you ever been to the Old City and been practically killed by all the mean dogs there?  Well, running for your life isn't the only solution.  Try kicking them!  Just wait until the dog is almost right next to you and them let 'im have it!  Once a dog has been kicked, it won't ever bother you again while you're in the Old City.  There are a couple of catches, though:
  1. If you leave the Old City through one of the gates and then come back, all the dogs will be mean again.
  2. You have to get the timing of your kick JUST RIGHT or the dog will damage you, even though you kicked it.  It will still go to sleep and not bother you if you get damaged (and there's always Data), but I think we can all agree that we tend to not like getting damaged if it can be avoided.

  • Soda Can--Worth Its Weight In Gold: This one is easy and kind of fun to do, too!  Here's what you have to do:  Go to the Apple Market and go over to the golden soda can that is always lying on the ground by that trash can.  Kick the can by pressing B all the way over to the Bakery.  Then kick the can behind the counter, and the Bakery lady will give you free zenny!  It's not much, but if you do it multiple times, it adds up!  Just be careful not to get carried away... 

  • Dark MegaMan:
  1. You've probably noticed the golden-yellow soda can in the Apple Market, sitting on the ground next to the trash can.  Well, that can can be used in more ways than one.  If you manage to kick it behind the Bakery counter around 10-20 times, MegaMan's armor will become darker and darker until it's almost black.  Then if you listen in on some of the houses in Downtown, Uptown, or City Hall, the citizens' impressions of you will drastically change so that they will now think of you as a rebellious backstreet punk!
  2. Another way to do this is when you're fighting the Bonnnes at City Hall for the first time (right after the cut scene with the news reporter lady), shoot down the news-reporting air ship that is hovering above the battle.  If you do this, you will immediately turn black.

NOTE: Don't worry; this affect can be reversed.  And it's easy to do!  All you have to do is play either of the 2 games at the Uptown TV station (the balloon one or the "kick the ball at the dog" game.  I don't remember the names right now!).  If you play them enough, you will become light-colored again.

MegaMan Network Transmission:

Sorry, but I haven't even beaten this game yet (I just got it), but I don't think that there are any "cheats" for this game.  But if you want to check, I suggest that you visit one of the websites that I list on my MegaMan Links page (I specifically suggest the MegaMan Home Page [MMHP for short].
If you know of any cheats that apply to this game, please do not hesitate to let me know.  NOTE: Please do not tell me a simple rumor.  I want your assurance that the cheat(s) are true.  I don't want a simple rumor on my site.  Thanks.

MegaMan X 8:

  • To unlock Lumnine, press L1, LI, LI, R1, R1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L1.

NOTE: I do not know if this cheat works or not, for it was suggested to me by a friend (by the name of "Ryakashi") via the Guestbook (see the Guestbook for his exact words).  Plus, I don't own the actual game, so I can't test this out for myself.  If you try this cheat and it does not work, let me know so I can remove it.  Thanks!

Know of a MegaMan game cheat that's not listed here?  Tell me about it!  Here's what to do:

  • Go to the Guestbook page on this website and follow the directions under the correct heading for what you're trying to do.

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