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Here is information about MegaMan on TV:


In the year 200X...
Lan Hikari was just a normal 12-year old boy, and too normal for Lan's taste.  All he had to be even slightly proud of was his NetNavi, and even with this he had something to be ashamed about.  His NetNavi was standard.  It had barely a personality of its own and nothing special about the way it looked.  What he really wanted was a personalized NetNavi of his very own.  To top it all off, all his friends already had their own personal NetNavis; all except Lan himself.  His best friend Maylu Sakurai had Roll.EXE and Dex Oyama had GutsMan.EXE.  Dex was his all-time rival in NetBattleing, and with nothing but a standard, off the shelf NetNavi, he could never hope to ahieve his goal: to defeat Dex in a NetBattle.
But Lan's life took a drastic turn when one day he recieved a disc from his father, Dr. Hikari, who was working abroad.  Lan, with high hopes, uploaded it onto his computer and into his PET (Personal Terminal), and sure enough, it was a program of his very own personal NetNavi.
Unfortunately, MegaMan wasn't quite what Lan had expected.  He had been hoping for something with a bigger body, something that was sure to defeat Dex's GutsMan.  But he was stuck with MegaMan, so Lan figured he might as well make the best of it.
But soon, Lan was flung into a life that he hadn't asked for.  World 3 (WWW), an evil organization led by Mr. Wily, it's goal being to control the entier cyber net, started attacking DenTech City, where Lan lived, Lan found himself working together with MegaMan to save the world.
Lan soon came to be known as one of the best NetBattlers in DenTech City.  There was only one person who could beat him, after all: Chaud Blaze, the vice president of Blaze Quest Games, one of the biggest computer companies ever.  He and his NetNavi, ProtoMan, were the only ones who could give Lan a proper match.  But Lan didn't mid this; how else was he supposed to train?  not against losers like Dex.  And after all, Lan had gotten to his goal: MegaMan had beaten Dex's GutsMan in less than five minutes, and hadn't gotten a single scratch doing it.
But there was more than WWW to defeat: the DarkLoids and Nebula were living proof of that...


Lan Hikari:
Age: 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: MegaMan.EXE
Status: Main character (Besides MegaMan)
~Bonus Information:~
Favorite Colors: Blue and Green
3 Favorite Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, and NetBattleing
Favorite Toothpaste Flavor: Strawberry
Bug He Thinks Is the Most Gross: Cockroach
(No, I did not make this bonus info up.  All of it was revealed during one of the episodes.)
Yuiichiro Hikari:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: None
Status: Lan's father, Scientist at SciLab
Haruka Hikari:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: None
Status: Lan's mother
Maylu Sakurai:
Age: 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Pink
NetNavi: Roll.EXE
Status: Lan's neighbor, Lan's best friend
Dex Oyama:
Age: 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (Though he hardly has any)
NetNavi: GutsMan.EXE
Status: Lan's friend, Lan's NetBattleing rival before he got MegaMan
Chisao Oyama:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Black (They're dots!)
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: None
Status: Dex's younger brother, Lan's friend
Yai Ayano:
Age: Around 10
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Golden Blonde
NetNavi: Glyde.EXE
Status: Daughter of the President of AyanoTech, Lan's friend
Age: 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: IceMan.EXE
Status: Lan's friend
Chaud Blaze:
Age: 13
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Black with White on top
NetNavi: ProtoMan.EXE
Status: Vice President of Blaze Quest Games, Lan's NetBattleing rival, Lan's "friend" (I think that they are friends, but Chaud wouldn't ever admit that)
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (It appears that they are closed all the time)
Hair: Brown
NetNavi: NumberMan.EXE
Status: Runs a BattleChip shop, Lan's friend
Mr. Match:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (I just forgot this, I'll find a picture of him somewhere and find out)
Hair: Red
NetNavi: TorchMan.EXE
Status: Member of World Three (WWW)*
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Light Pink
NetNavi: WackoMan.EXE
Status: Member or World Three (WWW)*
Count Zap:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (I think they're light blue, but I'm not sure, I'll have to check)
Hair: Blonde
NetNavi: ElecMan.EXE
Status: Member of World Three (WWW)*
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (It looks like he always keeps them closed)
Hair: Dark Brown/Black (I don't quite remember which, but I know what it's not)
NetNavi: MagicMan.EXE
Status: Member of World Three (WWW)*
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (I don't remember, I'll check somewhere)
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
NetNavi: SharkMan.EXE (Shhh!  No one's supposed to know, but you later find out.)
Status: Delivers fish, Lan's friend, Secretly Commander Beef
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Purple (I think)
Hair: Black
NetNavi: SkullMan.EXE
Status: Runs an antique shop, Lan's friend, Secretly Misteriyu
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Green (They might be brown, but I dunno, I'll check)
Hair: Green
NetNavi: WoodMan.EXE
Status: Runs a flower shop, Lan's friend, Secretly Black Rose
Commander Beef:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (He wears a visor all the time)
Hair: Unknown (He wears a helmet all the time, too)
NetNavi: SharkMan.EXE
Status: Leader of the CyberNet Investigators
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (She wears a mask all the time)
Hair: Black
NetNavi: SkullMan.EXE
Status: Member of the CyberNet Investigators
Black Rose:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (She wears a mask all the time)
Hair: Green
NetNavi: WoodMan.EXE
Status: Member of the CyberNet Investigators
*After WWW was dispanded, all members (Mr. Match, Maddy, Count Zap, and Yahoot) started their own curry shop, called #2 Curry (There was already a #1 Curry, so they had to use the next best thing).  It's now one of Lan's favorite places to eat!

EPISODE LIST:  (Episodes 1-50)*

Episode 1: Jack In!  MegaMan!

Episode 2: Subway Scramble!

Episode 3: Traffic Signal Chaos!

Episode 4: Count to Three!

Episode 5: Robotic Fish Gone Wild!

Episode 6: The Yoga Warrior!

Episode 7: N1 Grand Prix!

Episode 8: SkullMania!

Episode 9: Wacky Madness and Blazing Battles! (Part 1)

Episode 10: Wacky Madness and Blazing Battles! (Part 2)

Episode 11: Street Fight!

Episode 12: The Legendary Program Advance!

Episode 13: The Solo NetNavis!

Episode 14: Commander Beef's True Identity!

Episode 15: Evil Empress Roll! (Part 1)

Episode 16: Evil Empress Roll! (Part 2)

Episode 17: There's No "I" In Team

Episode 18: That Sinking Feeling

Episode 19: PharoahMan Reborn!

Episode 20: Rebuilding MegaMan

Episode 21: MegaMan Lives!

Episode 22: MegaMan, Stolen

Episode 23: SnakeMan's Survival Seven

Episode 24: NetCity!

Episode 25: The Virus Factory!

Episode 26: Electronic Money Panic

Episode 27: Countdown to Catastrophe!

Episode 28: DenTech City's Deep Freeze

Episode 29: The CutMan Brothers!

Episode 30: Working For Grave

Episode 31: Chisao's In Town

Episode 32: KnightMan's Betrayal!

Episode 33: To the Moon!

Episode 34: Mr. Wily's Legacy

Episode 35: The NetMobile Grand Prix!

Episode 36: The VirusBeast!

Episode 37: Grave Steve Billnitzer

Episode 38: Bass Steve Billnitzer

Episode 39: The End of the End

Episode 40: Virus Busters!

Episode 41: Ice Ice Baby!

Episode 42: Game Off!

Episode 43: Hot Tempers!

Episode 44: Don't Mess With Mama Zap!


Episode 46: Guess Who's Coming to NetBattle?

Episode 47: CHESS MESS!

Episode 48: The Incredible Rush!


Episode 50: From Here to Revolutionary PET's


Uh huh, I know; yet another thing I have nothing on.  But don't worry, really! I'm working on it, I promise, I'm getting to this.  But seriously, this kind of stuff can be hard to find!

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