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Here is information about MegaMan:

This page is all about MegaMan, who he is and his story in life.  But there have been many MegaMen, so I've presented here MegaMan's story from all the different storylines that he has taken part in.  So here you go, now go and get familiar with our MegaMan!


Rock was created by Dr. Thomas X. Light to be an assistant in his laboratory.  That was the orriginal purpose for him and the other robot built by Dr. Light, Roll.  But all that soon changed.  After hearing about the chaos that Dr. Light's former classmate in engineering school, Dr. Albert W. Wily, was causing in his quest to take over the world, Rock told Dr. Light that he no longer wanted to be Dr. Light's assistant and instead wanted to devote his life to defeating and foiling Dr. Wily's plans for world conquest.  Dr. Light reluctantly assented, and modified Rock into a robot made for battle, changed his name, and thus, MegaMan was born!


When MegaMan Voulnutt was a child, he was abandoned by his parents for unknown reasons underground and left there.  Luckilly, he was discovered by Barrel Casket, and was adopted as his grandson, and an adopted sister of his grandaughter, Roll, who's parents had also disappeared.  Together, Barrel and Roll raised MegaMan until he and Roll became the best of friends (and maybe even more than that!).  Now 14-year old MegaMan, 14-year old Roll, and Barrel live in an airship called the Flutter.  MegaMan has become a Digger, people who search underground ruins to find refractors, large crystals used for energy.  All Diggers are mainly searching for one thing, though: the Mother Lode, a giant refractor that would supply the entire world with endless energy.  MegaMan's mission is the same except for one exception.  He is also in search of Roll's parents.  With Roll acting as his Spotter, MegaMan continues his search for the Mother Lode in MegaMan 64 (MegaMan Legends) and for Roll's lost family in MegaMan Legends 2.


I apoligize, but I posess no MegaMan games from the X series yet, so I can't give any info at this time.  I will get up to date with this, though, as soon as I can, I promise!


Lan Hikari is a normal 12-year old boy who had always longed for his own personalized NetNavi, humanoid programs that navigated the Net and acted as personal friends for their NetOps, their owners.  Lan used to have a brother, but Hub died early in life from a desease.  Lan, his father, Dr. Hikari, and Lan's mother greived for his lost son.  Dr. Hikari wanted Lan to be as happy as possible, so he decided to give Lan his own NetNavi, but one that was special.  He copied Hub's personality into a conputer program and worked for a long time on Lan's new "brother."  Once finished, Dr. Hikari presented to Lan his new best friend: MegaMan!
If you want to read the full-length description of the MegaMan:NT Warrior/Axess TV series, go to the MegaMan TV page.

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