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Here's some information about me:

Hey there!  It's me, MegaFreak02, the creator of this site.  This is the page where you'll find some details about me.  This is pretty much the only page on this site that doesn't have something to do with MegaMan (not really, anyway).  Here we go!


Heh, you thought I was going to tell you my real name, didn't you?  Well, sorry, no can do!  All I'll tell you is that my nickname is MegaFreak02.  The MegaFreak part of it just means that I'm a MegaMan freak (so true, so true...).  The 02 part is there because my sibling is MegaFreak01, so I have to use the #2.  But that doesn't mean that I like MegaMan any less than my sibling.  IT DOESN'T!!!


Female, duh.  You should have already gathered that much from my overall style in writing, layout, etc.  The picture on the Home page should be an obvious indicator.  Plus all the images by the News/Update entries (also on the Home page) are pictures of famale characters.  I just do that mostly because I feel like it.  It might also be a hint, though...


Ha ha ha, you thought I was going to tell you this, too, didn't you?  Heh heh, I'm so evil.  No, I'm not telling!  Bwahahahaha!!  But as a clarification: my age is in the double-digits.  You're not talking to a little kid, here!  Do you understand?!  I'M NOT A LITTLE KID!!  I may act a little immature sometimes, but that's only because I'm trying to have fun.  And sometimes, immaturity is one of the best ways to make yourself feel happier!

Favorite Color:

Blue, of course!  It's the color of MegaMan!  And I'm not saying this just to sound loyal, either.  It was always blue, even before I knew MegaMan existed.  My second favorite color is a tie between red and green though, and it's always been that, too, before I found out about ProtoMan/BreakMan and Lan's second favorite color.

Favorite Things:

MANGA!!!  I LOVE manga to pieces!  I'll rate them in the order that I like them:
  1. MegaMan:NT Warrior
  2. DNAngel
  3. Hikaru no Go
  4. Tokyo Mew Mew (Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode included)
  5. Cardcaptor Sakura
  6. Peach Fuzz
  7. Sailor Moon

I have manga from all of these series.  I've completed Tokyo Mew Mew + A la Mode, too.  I currently have the MegaMan series up to vol. 12, and DNAngel up to vol. 11.  I only have vol. 1 of Peach Fuzz, though.  As for the Sailor Moon ones -- Bah!  I don't really care about them that much.  They are PATHETIC compared to MegaMan and DNAngel!!  As for Cardcaptor Sakura, my sibling is the one who collects those, not me.  I never really cared that much.

ANIME!!!  I LOVE anime to pieces, too!  I'll list those in the order that I like them, too:

  1. MegaMan:NT Warrior/Axess
  2. DNAngel
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura
  4. Sailor Moon

Tokyo Mew Mew and Peach Fuzz are not applicable to this list, since Peach Fuzz isn't an anime, and Tokyo Mew Mew (called Mew Mew Power in the anime) has not been viewed by me yet.  Plus, I've searched the web for it, and it looks like they messed up a couple of things, too...

I also like Pokémon, too.  My sibling is the one with over, like, 2000 cards, but I have some.  I just collect certain kinds or cards.  I collect...

  1. Torchic cards.  I LOVE Torchic!  He is one of my favorites!  I adore little cute birdies!
  2. Piplup cards.  I ADORE Piplup, too!  He's so cute, he and Torchic are just the cutest things!
  3. Cards that had their pictures made by clay.  I have lots of these.
  4. Cards that have pictures that look like clay, but in fact it's not, in front of a paper-looking background.  Panorama cards, I guess you could call them.


  • Drawing -- I love to draw!  As I state on the MegaMan Artwork page, I like to draw lots of different things.  But I only draw when the mood strikes me.  I like to draw weird creatures, clothes, people (manga/anime style), and my own made-up NetNavis!  I've made a few that I even use in the games that me and my sibling play.
  • Reading -- I love to read, too!  I only like to read certain kinds of books, though, for if they aren't in my favorite genres, I'll hate them.  My favorite genres are Japanese Manga (obviously), Fantasy, and Sci Fi.
  • Dancing -- I LOVE to dance!  My favorite kinds of dance are probably jazz and tap.  I don't like ballet very much, though, because it's so slow.  I like faster kinds of dance.  Lyrical is okay, but again, kinda slow.  Too floaty and flowy, you know?  As for hip-hop, it's okay, but it's just never been my thing.  I've been to many dance schools in a few states, performed in many recitals, and competed in a few competitions, too.  I've been dancing for many years.  I do over 15 hours of dance a week!
  • Singing -- I like to sing, too, but NEVER in public.  I'd flat out die if I was made to sing on stage, I'm too shy for that.  I'm weird in that sense.  I only get stage fright in a few things.  Like in dancing, I never get scared.  But in singing, I'd die from fright! 
  • Swimming -- I like to swim, too, but I don't get very many chances to do so.  Ever since we moved from out last house, we havn't had a swimming pool (Waaaah!!!), just a tiny little hot tub.
  • Karate -- I've taken karate for many years, too, but I had to quit when we had to move, because there weren't any Tang So Do Mi Gu Kwan studios where we moved to (Tang So Do Mi Gu Kwan is the type of karate that I took).  I really miss it.  I used to be able to do over 30 push-ups in a row without stopping, but now I can barely do 10.  My strength has really gone down since I stopped.

How I Discovered MegaMan:

Okay, this is a really weird story.  I still can't believe that this is how I found out about him, I almost wish it had been different.  Well, here goes...
It was on a day when me and the rest of my family were going to a neighbor's house.  These neighbors were people that I particularly hated, but you don't need to know any names.  When we arrived, their two devilish little boys were (thankfully) not at home.  They were out of the house with their father on some erand or other.  Only the lady of the house was there to greet us.  As it turned out, we were just there for dessert, so we were, all in all, in a pretty good mood... until I tried the dessert and it tasted TERRIBLE.  It was SO BAD that I thought I was going to hurl.  So I chugged down a glass of water and, afterwards, felt a lot better.
After dessert, our (me and my sibling's) parents got into a conversation with the mom of the two before mentioned imps (I'm refering to the devilish boys.  I still hate them.  All they ever did was terrorize us*).  As a result, my sibling and I were bored out of our minds, and it obviously showed, because the imps' mom led us upstairs so we could play on their video game system (an NES).
My sibling and I were browsing through the selection of games until one particular one caught our eye.  It was MegaMan 2.  It looked interesting enough, so we popped it into the game system and started to play.  We had a BLAST.  It was the most fun NES game we had ever played, and we were in bliss while we played it.  But the time came when we had to go, and it was the first time that we actually didn't want to leave.  But we had no choice, so we went home.
A few weeks later, we were browsing through eBay, looking for junk that we wanted but didn't need.  Now, we happened to own our own NES, and an idea suddenly struck us.  Why don't we get MegaMan 2 for ourselves? we thought.  We searched for it and there it was, in all its glory.  We immediately jumped up and groveled at out mother's feet, begging her to let us get it.  She didn't know what in blue blazes MegaMan was, but she agreed none the less, and a few days later, the glorious game arrived at our doorstep.
And thus out MegaMan-based religion began.
*To this day, the two same boys are still living in the same state as we are, even after moving.  The boys' dad had two job oportunities, each one in a different state.  Unfortunately for us, our dad happened to let slip where we were going to move to, so guess which job he decided to take?  The one where we were going!  (Also, keep in mind that if was them that wanted to keep the relashionship going, not us.)  Luckily, it's been a while since we've spoken, let alone gone to each other's houses, so I think we might actually never see each other again!  Yippie!!
Unlikely story, eh?  Well, that's the truth, and I remember it as if it were yesterday.  I'm glad I could finally share this event with others.

NetNavis I Have Made:

This is a section where I will tell you about some NetNavis that I myself have created.  Some are somewhat strange, but some are pretty average.  I'll leave it up to you to decide which are the best!

  • ScaldMan:

Style: Heat

Color Scheme: Orange with red, square-like markings

Personality: ScaldMan has a very calm and controlled exterior, but underneath is a hot-tempered, wild Navi!  He has not made very many friends throughout his life, and he likes to believe that he does not need anyone to depend on.  He was neglected in his past, so he has no developed knowledge of teamwork.  He has the potential of being a dangerous NetNavi, but he does not have the required care to develop his skills.

  • WaveMan:

Style: Aqua

Color Scheme: Blue with purple, swirl-like markings

Personality: WaveMan is one of the only NetNavis that can be condidered close to ScaldMan, who he spent the majority of his past with.  He is bad-tempered, pesimistic, and reclusive, and does not typically value the feelings of others.  He was also abused in his early life, and it is because of this that he has such a bad attitude towards others, especially humans.  He has almost no friends except for two other NetNavis: ScaldMan and SaplingMan.

  • SaplingMan:

Style: Wood

ColorScheme: Dark green with black, thorn-like markings

Personality: SaplingMan is very sensitive and easily insulted.  He has almost no confidence or self-esteem, which often makes other NetNavis make fun of him.  Like his other "friends", he has potential of being a powerful NetNavi.  But because of his lack of trust in himself and others, this feat will not be easy to achieve.

  • CausticMan:

Style: Custom

Color Scheme: Black, red, and purple

Special Attacks: Caustic Buster, Caustic Blade, Caustic Drain

Personality: CausticMan is known for being a very round character.  He is usualy serious and down to business, but he never minds a nice joke.  He likes to cause trouble just becuase he can.  Unfortunately for him, he has trouble keeping his mouth shut, and he doesn't mind telling others exactly what he thinks.  This often gets him into trouble.  The only "friend" that CausticMan has ever considered worth while is PangMan.

  • PangMan:

Style: Custom

Color Scheme: Gray, orange, and black

Special Attacks: Pang Phaser, Pang Lance, Pang Plague

Personality: PangMan is completely unpredictable and impossible to understand.  His mood can change on the flip of a dime, and he loves telling people just what exactly he thinks about things.  He has the special ability to flawlessly annoy and insult people just for the heck of it.  Making people mad is one of his favorite passtimes.  Another favorite activity is causing trouble with his buddy, CausticMan.

  • SlicerMan:

Style: Custom

Color Scheme: Brown, orange, yellow, and some dark greens

Personality: SlicerMan is often percieved as being more like a beast then a humanoid NetNavi.  He has a very hot temper and is insulted very easily.  He enjoys seeing others suffer, and for this reason, he has never had any friends.  He believes that he is invincible, and so makes lame excuses whenever he loses a NetBattle.

  • Violet:

Style: Custom

Color Scheme: Dark and light purples and pinks.

Personality: Violet is, naturally, a female NetNavi, and is very girly.  She likes attention, aspecially from male NetNavis, and is often thought of as a complete and utter flirt.  She also happens to be a rather big fan of MegaMan's.

  • Skye:

Style: Custom (I guess.  There isn't exactly a Wind Style, is there?)

Color Scheme: Light blue, silver, and white

Personality: Skye is rather shy and prefers to be by herself to enjoy life.  She is always at peace with the world, and many NetNavis think that she is very beautiful.  She doesn't have many close friends, but this is only due to the fact that she keeps so much to herself.

Someday I'll include drawings that I have made of these NetNavis here, so you can see what they look like, but not at the moment.  I'll get to work on it ASAP, but you'll have to make due with just your imagination for now.

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If you wish to copy any content or pictures on this website for use on your own site, please ask my permission before doing so.  Thank you!